New association for maritime security industry formed

Maritime security consultant Peter Cook recently announced the formation of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI); SAMI will help establish rules and regulations in the fledgling maritime security industry; the maritime security industry has grown rapidly in recent years, but has suffered from lack of regulation and rapid expansion; the industry’s reputation has been tarnished with incidents of hired security firms abandoning ships when pirates attack leading to long periods of captivity for the ship’s crew; to prevent these incidents from occurring and to uphold the reputation of the industry, SAMI will vet maritime security companies, establish standards, and ensure that its members comply with established standards

The deluge of pirate attacks in recent years has created a fledgling maritime security industry that is rapidly growing to accommodate the security needs of shipping firms around the world.

This new industry is currently unregulated, but long time maritime security consultant Peter Cook hopes to….[read full article]

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