Changes to Defence Laws

During an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Paul and Rachel Chandler stated that they were disappointed by the way in which the British Government handled their kidnappingĀ and have called for changes to piracy defence laws.

The Chandlers were taken hostage by Somali pirates in 2009 and held captive for 13 months.

As regards allowing those on small vessels to carry arms, the Chandlers defined it as a “step back to the 17th century“. They said that although hostage lives should be taken into consideration they should not necessarily be paramount.

While recommending that the Government review how it handles the kidnap of British nationals abroad, the Foreign Affairs Select Committee pointed out the limited guidance as to the use of lethal force against pirates, specifiying that ship captains were often left in a difficult position while trying to decide the most appropriate or best course of action.

The Chandlers’ Radio 5 live interview can be accessed here:

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