Haymarket Expands Marine Security

Haymarket Risk Management is expanding its maritime security division in response to the growing threat of piracy.

The company has established bases in the Red Sea, Oman and Sri Lanka and is receiving increased requests for armed teams to escort ships of all registries through waters which are prone to piracy.

By Francesca Nyman, Insurance Insight

Speaking to industry guests at a briefing and reception at the Guildhall in London, John Bisseru, divisional director of Haymarket Risk Management, said: “The extent of piracy is well known and the threat shows no sign of abating. Our radius of operations continues to grow in the affected areas as does the threat and nature of violence. What is changing is there is clearly a greater willingness for ship owners and insurance companies to explore more proactively what can be done in terms of prevention.

As a company operating globally, and particularly in areas where there are elevated risk levels, we have made the appropriate investments to ensure we can provide the appropriate security measures now being sought and the demand for these services across the security sector is clearly growing,” he added.

As well as expanding its security operations internationally, Haymarket has appointed several specialists in its corporate fraud, investigative due diligence and tax dispute resolution divisions.

George McKillop, managing director of Haymarket Risk Management, said: “In the maritime sector we are at last seeing real progress in terms of co-ordinated thinking and action that will help ship owners and insurance companies.

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