ESC Position Paper

The threat to shipping and cargo remains serious from acts of piracy. In this position paper, European Shippers urge commitment from governments to protect shipping from this pirate threat.



A position paper of

The European Shippers’ Council


10 February 2012


‘European Shippers urge commitment from governments to protect shipping from pirate threat’

It is with grave concern that the European Shippers’ Council (ESC) views the continuing problem of piracy affecting cargo ships.

Representing shippers in Europe, many of whom use shipping to transport their cargo through the high risk areas, a year on from our last press statement on this issue, the ESC remains alarmed by the latest figures released by the ICC’s International Maritime Bureau. Although figures show a decreasing number of piracy attacks, the damage done is still unacceptably high

Already, in the first month of 2012 there have been 37 reported attacks on shipping and 2 hijackings. In 2011 there were over 420 attacks, and 42 hijackings.  Somalian pirates remain responsible for a large number of these incidents, and  are believed currently  to be holding some 150 hostages from 10 ships.  These are shocking figures for the 21st Century.

There is considerable sympathy among ESC’s members for the ship operators and their crews, who are facing this added peril at sea. It is understandable……..[access full paper here]

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