Armed Security

Dramatic footage of a pirate attack against an unknown merchant vessel. We have no idea what the circumstances were or from which ship this video was taken but it clearly shows a vessel security team using considerable firepower to successfully defend their ship from an attempted pirate attack.

Access the video here: Private security guards shoot Somali pirates

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5 Replies to “Armed Security”

  1. Dirk Steffen

    Is that supposed to be good??? Those guys are complete Yahoos. No RUFs, no escalation of force, no command & control. Warning shots (or was it a barrage?) at 50m??? Thank god they didn’t have full auto weapons or they would have been out of ammo 30secs into the engagement. The team leader clearly wasn’t leading or keeping track of the situation since he was as eager as all the others to pop off rounds at the pirates, so they all got surprised by the 2nd skiff and got in each other’s way jostling for a shot at the new threat (while still shooting – unnecessarily, at the retreating skiff). And wooden pallets for protection… come on! Pathetic at best, criminal at worst.

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