EMSA Contract

Satellite data communications company ORBCOMM has been awarded an important contract with the European Maritime Safety Agency for the supply of satellite Automatic Identification System data used for ship tracking and maritime navigational and safety efforts.

ORBCOMM Awarded Multi-year Framework Contract With EMSA

Satellite data communications company ORBCOMM Inc. said Monday that it was awarded a multi-year framework contract with the European Maritime Safety Agency, or EMSA. This contract was awarded through LuxSpace Sarl, an affiliate of OHB System AG and a partner of ORBCOMM .

As per the contract, ORBCOMM and LuxSpace will provide satellite Automatic Identification System, or AIS, data used for ship tracking and other maritime navigational and safety efforts to EMSA for designated regions and specific maritime projects.

The framework contract is funded for up to $625,000 for the first year and has the option for an additional two years with funding levels yet to be determined.

ORBCOMM said that it plans to launch eighteen additional AIS-enabled satellites later this year, which will enhance its unmatched coverage, highest refresh rates and superior performance.

The company has also signed several additional contracts for satellite AIS data services around the world with its AIS partners.


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