Guyanese Pirates

Guyanese maritime and law enforcement authorities capture vessel and crew reportedly involved in pirate activities along coastline.

Swift action by Guyana maritime and law enforcement authorities leads to capture of pirates

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (GINA) — Guyana’s minister of public works, Robeson Benn, during a media briefing on Sunday, said that that swift action by the authorities led to the capture of a vessel and crew who reportedly took part in pirate activities.

“Between 09:-09:30 hrs, this morning (Sunday), the Maritime Administration started receiving reports that a vessel was in pursuit of another on the Essequibo Coast, along the Pomeroon river… they believed they were being attacked… they were informed that if we did not hear from them they would have been in trouble,” Benn said.

He added that the vessel named ‘SAPNA’ was run aground by its crew since it could not outrun the vessel pursuing it… the vessel that was said to be pursuing it, came alongside the abandoned vessel and removed materials such as fish and fuel.

“The maritime police routed the police in the area, who routed boats out… the authorities have been able to recover both the vessel which was under attack and the vessel which was alleged to have committed the act, with their crews… they are both at Charity Police Station, assisting police with investigations,” the public works minister said.

Benn said that the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) was activated, which in turn contacted the army’s coastguard, the commissioner of police, the divisional commander, and CGX and Repsol, which assisted readily by making available two helicopters for the law enforcement authority to visit the location and provide technical support.

“We are happy to have results within 4-5 hours of the incident in terms of people being brought to safety and apprehended… we want to remind the mariners and fisher folk to keep contact with the lighthouse and law enforcement bodies, when they see situations arising that cause them to feel threatened, so that they can solicit help,” Benn said.

Director of maritime safety, Stephen Thomas, said that the crew of the fishing vessel positively identified the crew and vessel of their pursuers, which led to the capture of the presumed pirate vessel.

“Police are currently taking statements from all the persons and are conducting their investigations,” Thomas said.

Source: Caribbean News Now

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