Maritime Security Scholarships

At a counter piracy conference attended by delegates from 59 countries and organisations hosted by the Australian government in Perth last week, Acting Defence Minister Warren Snowden announced scholarships for West and Central African countries to attend Australian university courses on maritime security.

The scholarships support other Australian counter piracy initiatives: in the Horn of Africa, [Australia] contribute a frigate cross-tasked between counter-terrorism and counter-piracy. [Australia are] a member of the UN Contact Group off the Coast of Somalia and have seconded a naval officer to the UN Office for West Africa to contribute to counter-piracy capacity building.

[Australia have] also seconded navy officers to the maritime trade operations cell in Dubai, which provides coordination for ships travelling through the region. And [they] have provided $2.3 million for rule of law assistance to Somalia, Kenya, Seychelles, Mauritius, Tanzania, as well as sending federal police to enhance the capacity of the judicial systems in these states.

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Article courtesy of The Australian, written by Sam Bateman and Anthony Bergin.


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