Coastal Surveillance 2012

Asia-Pacific’s Premier Maritime Security and Surveillance Forum Dedicated to the Maritime Community

Never Before in 9 Years: Operational Commanders’ Perspective from EU NAVFOR and CTF-151

The 9th annual Coastal Surveillance 2012 conference is back this year, with a far more comprehensive, quality-led and value-driven programme, featuring senior and key military officials from not only the Asia-Pacific region, but also from the international arena.

Dedicated to understanding the challenges facing the maritime security community, Coastal Surveillance 2012 provides the ideal platform for industry stakeholders to discuss and learn the latest strategies in counter-piracy operations, deepening and enhancing inter-agency cooperation and collaboration and utilising the latest surveillance/security technology in the face of increasingly sophisticated transnational maritime threats.

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Meet over 150+ senior military delegates, decision makers and flag officers from over 20 countries

Navy/Coast Guard/Maritime Authority/Government Agency

Come to Coastal Surveillance 2012 to learn how to:

  • Deepen and strengthen inter-agency cooperation and collaboration to overcome transnational maritime threats
  • Utilise the latest surveillance technologies to enhance and improve MDA
  • Integrate systems across maritime agencies to build a comprehensive maritime surveillance system
  • Adopt best practices and strategies to address the biggest maritime threats in the Asia Pacific—Piracy and armed robbery at sea
  • Develop current and future capability roadmaps for your organisation

With over 20+ nations expected at the event, the 9th Annual Coastal Surveillance 2012 summit will hit new levels of seniority, detail and insight, while providing an unparalleled meeting ground for both military and industry leaders to interact and explore new opportunities.

The 9th Annual Coastal Surveillance 2012 exhibition will feature innovations from solution providers and air/sea platform manufacturers. If you are keen to explore sponsorship opportunities, email for a detailed discussion.


Newspaper / Past Delegate Feedback

“In 2011, International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre recorded a total of 409 piracy and armed robbery attacks worldwide of which more than half occurred in the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia.” International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre, 1 Dec 2011

“When freedom of navigation is threatened and where we can make a useful contribution, we will do our part to counter piracy. This is why we are in the Gulf of Aden: to assist the shipping community and maintain maritime trade.” Singapore Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen, 19 Aug 2011

“China has offered to hold joint patrols with ASEAN countries to escort vessels from the region crossing the Gulf of Aden in the wake of rampant Somali piracy.” ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting, May 2011

“The Australian Department of Defence has budgeted $9.8 in the 2011–12 Budget for Operation Resolute, which contributes to Australia’s whole of government coastal surveillance efforts while the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service was allocated $304.7 million for Civil Maritime Surveillance and Response, which includes responding to ‘security threats in Australia’s maritime.” Parliament of Australia, Dec 2011

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