Sachsen Relieves Bremen

The German frigate FGS Sachsen will shortly relieve FGS Bremen in patrolling the Gulf of Aden as part of the European Union Naval Force.


This week FGS Sachsen has taken up station patrolling the Gulf of Aden, under the command of the European Union Naval Force (EUNAVFOR). She will shortly relieve fellow German frigate FGS Bremen which has served so successfully in countering-piracy with EUNAVFOR since May of this year.

Bremen has made a considerable contribution to making the seas safer for ships passing through the Gulf of Aden over the preceding 3 months. She has also helped escort AMISOM (African Mission to Somali) ships through the high risk zone and helped to build closer ties with regional maritime forces such as the Kenyan Navy. Sachsen will now fulfil these key roles during her tour of duty and has already begun counter-piracy operations off the Horn of Africa.

With Sachsen’s sister ship FGS Hamburg having already served with EUNAVFOR in 2010, the suitability of the type to the counter piracy role is well proven. She has the ability to carry two helicopters on-board, thus doubling her potential surveillance range. Her crew is well trained and prepared for the challenges that lie ahead with the impending end of the monsoon season.


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