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Sonardyne’s maritime security showcase at the Monaco Yacht Show 2012

This year at the annual Monaco Yacht Show, Sonardyne International Ltd and its subsidiary company Marine and Remote Sensing Solutions (MARSS) Ltd. will be giving live demonstrations of their automated surface and underwater security systems for yachts and waterside facilities. Held in Port Hercules, Monaco from 19th-22nd September, the Monaco Yacht Show is considered the most prestigious luxury yacht show in the world, attracting over 500 exhibiting companies and an average of 28,000 professional and private visitors.

The interactive zone on Sonardyne’s stand, QS1, will enable visitors to experience the company’s security Command and Control system, NIDAR, first hand as it watches over Monaco’s main harbour. A browser-based platform, NIDAR integrates radar, camera, underwater sonar, AIS, satellite imagery and access control data into a single security shield that provides early warning and protection against an approaching threat. The unique touchscreen interface is simple and intuitive to use and product experts will be available to guide visitors through its many features and benefits.

In addition, Sonardyne will also be showcasing its Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar (IDS) systems. The system uses under hull sonar technology to provide a 360°, below water protection zone that can discriminate between genuine threats such as divers and swimmers, and non-threats such as large fish or pleasure craft. Sentinel is quick to deploy, providing instant protection for a vessel when it is at anchor.

“The requirement for intelligent surveillance systems is accelerating across the yachting industry and the Monaco Yacht Show is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of both NIDAR and Sentinel,” said Ross Gooding, Sonardyne Business Development Manager for Maritime Security. “We are looking forward to meeting with owners and their captains to discuss and identify the best solutions for their yachts, helping them to make more efficient use of available security sensors which will lead to better informed decisions and fundamentally, increased levels of personal security.”

About NIDAR:

NIDAR is the first fully automated command and control system for the protection of vessels, ports, waterside and strategic offshore infrastructure from the threat of piracy, terrorism and insurgency. The unique browser-based system dramatically reduces operating costs by maintaining a 360 degree security shield around an asset.

NIDAR enables the real-time autonomous detection, tracking, classification and deterrence of multiple targets, with the option of secure remote surveillance and control from networked devices.

NIDAR provides complete situational awareness with a 360 degree surface and underwater security shield for vessels, ports, waterside and strategic offshore infrastructure. The patented system is scaleable to any size of asset integrating local and wide area sensors such as underwater surveillance systems, electrooptic systems, radar, automatic identification system (AIS) and satellite imagery. The system can also be integrated with existing asset security systems such as door locks, CCTV and MARSS’s new generation micro-surveillance radar which detects vessel or platform intrusion.

NIDAR can detect, track and classify threats to the limits set by the integrated sensors and features the option of manual or automatic operation of non-lethal countermeasures such as lighting, surface and underwater loudhailers to deter intruders.

The System operates autonomously 24/7. The flexible intuitive user interface is easy to use and requires little or no operator training. Using a remote device such as a tablet computer or smartphone, secure remote access and control can be undertaken from anywhere in the world where there is a network connection.

About Sentinel:

Sentinel IDS® is the worlds biggest selling underwater diver detection sonar. Since its launch it has rapidly gained acceptance across the entire market spectrum protecting Ports and Harbours, Naval Platforms, Commercial Vessels, Megayachts, Critical Infrastructure and VIP Assets.

Sentinel takes reliable, long range underwater intruder detection to a new level. The system has been developed from inception specifically for the purpose of detection and tracking difficult to find underwater targets.

The system is small, lightweight, has a low false alarm rate and, once configured, can be left to operate autonomously. The flexibility afforded by Sentinel’s small footprint, with its full 360° detection area and network head capability, outperforms far more expensive and complex technologies.

For expeditionary installations, the system is flexible and capable of rapid deployment by unskilled operators. For permanent installations, the same subsea hardware can be deployed in many different configurations with full functionality providing the user with complete underwater domain awareness.

The state-of-the-art techniques adopted by Sonardyne deliver class leading performance which has seen Sentinel adopted as the standard by military, government and private agencies worldwide to protect vessels, strategic waterside infrastructure and VIPs.

The reliable detection of underwater targets and their discrimination from marine mammals is a notoriously difficult problem. The Sentinel IDS system addresses this challenge by combining state-of-the-art sonar technology, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) based processing units and automated detection, classification and tracking software which has been tested and proven in extensive trials.

The result is a system that can function in a wide a range of acoustically complex subsea environments and ensure that only genuine threats are highlighted. This minimises false alarms and reduces the dangerous tension that these can generate.

Source: Sonardyne

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