Canada hi-tech radar for border security

OTTAWA — As Canada and the U.S. increasingly co-operate to watch maritime borders, authorities are using hi-tech radar systems to track the baddies.

Companies involved in all aspects of border safety and cybersecurity are showing their wares at the SecureTech conference in Ottawa — including Canadian company Accipiter, which is deeply involved in keeping a constant watch on the Great Lakes and other areas along the border.

“Eyes that aren’t watching all the time are missing things like trends, long-term behaviours, behaviour patterns that, when analyzed, can give us very important intelligence,” Accipiter vice-president Carl Krasnor said.

He says the company’s radar system not only tracks hundreds of ships and boats at once, it analyzes the behaviour of those vessels and alerts law enforcement officials to anything considered suspicious.

So, if one boat leaves the Canadian side of the border while another leaves the American side and both meet in the middle of Lake Ontario for a few minutes, the radar system would flag the encounter.

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Article written by Daniel Proussalidis, courtesy of Cnews.

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