U.S. Forces Refocused on Asia Pacific

Deputy Secretary of Defense Carter gave a speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center on October 3, 2012 and discussed the strategic rebalance of our armed forces in the Asia Pacific – now that the war in Iraq is over and as the transition of security responsibilities to the government of Afghanistan is already underway.

He said that the release of much of our military capacity that has been tied up in the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan will now go to what he calls “fostering peace” in the Asia-Pacific region.

Although I doubt that China would feel the same way about the unprecedented American military buildup (see video: ‘US warships in Asia Pacific extremely dangerous, politically foolish’ http://www.presstv.ir/detail/244533.html ).

“Naval assets that will be released from Afghanistan and the Middle East include surface combatants, amphibious ships, and, eventually, aircraft carriers. From the Air Force, unmanned systems and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets, as well as bomber, cyber, and space forces, can all be redeployed and refocused on the Asia-Pacific region”, he said.

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Article courtesy of Examiner, image courtesy of Greenheritagenews.com.


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