PMSC Accreditation Process


Authorisation of the use of armed guards on board of Belgian Flagged vessels. Maritime Security Review has received and reviewed copies of the legal enactments.

PMSC Accreditation Process

Maritime Security Review has received copies (in French and Dutch) of the legal enactments authorising the use of armed guards on board of Belgian Flagged vessels.

It is immediately apparent that the process via which Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) can apply for accreditation is a complex and delicate one.

Any PMSC wishing to begin the certification process would be well advised to enlist the assistance of a professionally valid advisor. To this end we have chosen to republish the following press release from the Maritime Security Legal Services Center (MSLSC).

Maritime Security Review has arranged to interview MSLSC Partner Walter Verstrepen in regards to the finer points of the accreditation process. The interview will be distributed to subscribers.

Please note that MSLSC Partner Walter Verstrepen will be in London from today until Saturday 9 February. His contact details are listed below.


30 January 2013

Dear Madam,

Dear Sir,

I herewith inform you about the publication and entry into force of two Statutes today in the Belgian Official Journal permitting the use of armed guards on board of Belgian Flag vessels.

Given I had the personal privilege and opportunity to contribute to the drafting of these legal enactments, the Maritime Security Legal Services Center operated by now more than ten (former) military operational lawyers or Judge Advocate Generals ( offers you the legal assistance and guidance on the application for authorization as PMSC with the competent Belgian authorities.

The MSLSC can also assist the PMSC by conducting a legal due diligence or a gap analysis for them to identify where their policies and procedures currently fall short of legislation but also if they aspire for certification to ISO 28007, where they need to make amendments to achieve this aim.

As the new Belgian legislation requires proper knowledge of the applicable Belgian legislation and RUF besides other applicable international and foreign legislation necessary for the lawful rendering of their services, the MSLSC offers operational legal training custom made to the PMSCs and their operatives in order to take the envisaged official exams.

In addition to the aforementioned legal services the MSLSC offers also other services which you can find on its web site

For those people who would also be attending the SAMI “Counter Piracy: Rules for the Use of Force International Legal Conference” on 8 February 2013 in London and in case of any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Advocaat – Partner
Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales

Boulevard de la Woluwedal 60
B – 1200 BRUSSEL
Tél. : + 32 2 240 15 20
GSM :+ 32 477 43 55 95
Skype : elegis1 or walter.verstrepen
Fax. :+ 32 70 22 52 22 &




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