Transport Security Expo convenes

Transport Security Expo, the annual gathering of professionals within the aviation, maritime and public transport arenas, convenes again 13-14 November 2013 in London.

Transport Security Expo convenes in London against a backdrop of renewed industry challenges

Transport Security Expo, the annual gathering of professionals within the aviation, maritime and public transport arenas, convenes again 13-14 November 2013, against a backdrop of the industry being at a developmental crossroads in terms of both its regulation and ability to respond to current and emerging threats.

This key event will gather policy makers, world leading experts, technologists and industry operators together in London, to examine current protective measures, assess the threat horizon and determine how best to maintain traveler safety in a changing and increasingly hostile world in austere economic times.

For the first time in its long history as the premier gathering for industry professionals, the event introduces the “Major Threats to Transport Security” plenary session this year.

This entirely new addition to an already extensive programme has been developed to clearly identify overarching threats common across all transport interests and foster convergence of thought.

The plenary session will deliver a ‘360° Global Threat Assessment’, feature extensive debate about managing the risk to transport networks from terrorism and other crimes, discussion as to how best to protect national and global transport systems from acts of terrorism and other security threats and examine the extent of the cyber threat to transport industries.

Transport Security Expo has identified that the industry wide problem of cyber security is becoming acute, thus the prominence being afforded this issue during the forthcoming event.

The transport industries depend on information technology and would likely grind to a halt without ready access to data required for day-to-day operations. This imposes a requirement that the systems deployed across the transport networks are both robust and secure.

Cyber security is a particular vexed issue for the airline sector given the emergence of next generation e-enabled aircraft into commercial service. Building in adequate protective measures to ensure malicious code cannot migrate from terrestrial to airborne systems may present significant challenges.

The maritime industries continue to face up to acts of piracy, but the ability to contain the issue may be challenged by widespread underreporting of attacks. It is thought that for every two reported pirate attacks twelve or more go unreported. This has a direct impact on the ability to gather accurate intelligence regarding pirate movements and impacts on the provision of meaningful protection.

Transport Security Expo will examine this issue and debate whether a recent upswing in jihadist inspired terrorist activity across the Middle East & North Africa may have implication on the free flow of energy and other supplies traditionally shipped by sea.

Delegates attending the forthcoming Transport Security Expo will gather detailed insight on the challenges faced through in-depth aviation, maritime and public transport conferences. An extensive programme of workshops delivers valuable learning opportunities. The event is supported by a world-class exhibition of software and hardware by leading vendors from across the globe.

Transport Security Expo will be held at London’s Olympia Conference & Exhibition Centre from 13-14 November 2013.

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