Multinational exercise “ARGONAUT 2014”

The multinational exercise “ARGONAUT 2014” commenced on Monday

Multinational exercise “ARGONAUT 2014” commences in Cyprus

The multinational exercise “ARGONAUT 2014” commenced on Monday and will conclude this Friday, according to the Ministry of Defence, which is organizing the exercise, in cooperation with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Justice and Public Order.

The exercise will be held in four phases, within the maritime and land areas of Larnaca district and within Nicosia FIR and Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The exercise was planned by the National Guard, the Civil Defence and the Cyprus Police, in cooperation with other government departments from other Ministries.

It will be conducted with the participation of aeronautical forces from friendly countries.

During the exercise, the existing National Plans of “NEARCHOS” and “ESTIA” will be tried out, which concern the reception of civilians from war zones in neighboring areas.

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