Nigerian Navy: 2 new patrol boats

Nigerian Navy takes delivery of two fast patrol boats

Nigerian Navy receives two 17 metre Nautic Africa patrol boats

Nautic Africa has handed over two 17 metre Sentinel fast patrol vessels to the Nigerian Navy where they will be used for offshore patrol and escort duties.

The vessels, handed over on May 10, were built specially for the Nigerian Navy (NN), which will use them for general patrolling duties and the escorting of vessels.

Nautic Africa pointed out that the Nigerian coast is one of the areas on the African West Coast affected by piracy and as such, the area is regarded as ‘high risk’.

“The Nigerian Navy already has eight other fast patrol vessels in its fleet but the addition of these two state-of-the-art vessels has given the Navy the added confidence of knowing it has the assets it needs to protect its coastline,” the Cape Town based company said.

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