Certificate in Maritime Security

Protecting shipping operations and mitigating risks from piracy, terrorism and other threats.

Certificate in Maritime Security

Course commences: 3rd December 2014

Duration: 12 weeks

By online distance learning

This essential 12-week Certificate in Maritime Security distance learning course provides the tools needed to minimise security risks in the maritime sector. It is invaluable for those involved in providing shipping services, or anyone dependent upon them.

The content of this relevant and up to date Certificate in Maritime Security course allows shipping companies to go beyond compliance and to implement effective systems and plans.

Whatever your background, the unique blend of downloadable materials, expert tutorial support and peer interaction via a dedicated online forum will enable you to gain a current and thorough understanding of the key threats facing maritime operations – and the best strategies to counter them – wherever you are in the world.

Modules include:

• Maritime Context and Regulatory Frameworks

• Key Legal Concepts

• Security Systems, Plans and Personnel

• Piracy and Terrorism

• Threat Assessment and Risk Mitigation

• Response, Management and Follow-Up


Website: http://www.lloydsmaritimeacademy.com/FLP2425BA201

Email: LMA@informa.com

Call: +44(0)20 7017 5510

Fee: £2099, or £1,899 for bookings by 5th Sept 2014 and £1,999 for bookings by 31st Oct 2014.

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