Crew of Kenyan ship released

al Shabaab releases crew from MV Jamila.

Crew members of stranded Kenyan ship released after a week in custody

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Mogadishu (Harar24) – Crew members of a stranded Kenyan ship who were taken by the Al-Shabaab group around a week ago were released by them today and were received by businessmen in Mogadishu, as a businessman close to the crew confirmed to Harar24.

According to the businessmen the ten men who are mainly from Kenya and Zanzibar were handed over early this morning by Al-Shabaab to their colleagues and were in good health. “The ten crew members were handed over to us this morning, they’re doing well and said they were treated good while they were in custody and were fortunate to be Muslims thus guaranteeing their release” said one of the businessmen. He further added that amongst the released was the captain of the crew Abubakar Haji Sharif, a well known captain in Mombasa.

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