Weekly Piracy Report

Weekly update from UKMTO lists four suspicious incidents.

Weekly Piracy Report

Four incidents have been reported by UKMTO for the period August 30th to September 5th, although two of these are likely to have been encroaches by military actors in the region.

On September 1st, a MV reported an approach by four white skiffs at 0441 UTC in position 12 31N- 04 33 2E (please note these coordinates appear to be incorrect and we await confirmation from UKMTO). The skiffs each contained 4-6 POB and were travelling at around 18 knots. They approached to within 0.5nm from astern, 1nm off the bow and 1nm to port. The MV’s armed security team displayed weapons and the skiffs moved away.

The following day, September 2nd, saw a MV reportr two white and yellow skiffs travelling at 18 knots in position 12:34N-043:30E at 0800 UTC which approached to within 0.4nm on the port beam. The MV’s AST displayed weapons and again, the skiffs aborted their approach.

On September 4th, a MV reported three grey and orange hulled small craft at 0645 UTC in position 28:24N-050:11E. Each boat contained two POB dressed in black clothing who were reportedly armed with a machine gun partially covered by a tarp. The Master conducted evasive manoeuvres and the ship was followed for five to 10 minutes. At this time, the small boats then headed in a Westerly direction.

On September 5th at 0700 UTC, three white hulled skiffs approached a MV in position 24:55N-060:46E, to within 0.6nm. The skiffs held two or three POB wearing green or black clothing. The MV operated fire hoses and the skiffs moved off in a Northerly direction towards the Strait of Hormuz.

Source: neptunemaritimesecurity.com

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