Caught in the crossfire

Agony continues for private maritime security operatives in India. 

Caught in the crossfire – crew of the Seaman Guard Ohio

By Michael Grey from London

There is widespread outrage at the failure of the Indian authorities to release the 35 personnel arrested aboard the floating armoury Seaman Guard Ohio, when the ship was detained by the Indian Coast Guard in October 2013. Although they have been released from custody, they remain unable to leave the country, their documents still held by magistrates in Tutincorin.

Any hopes of an imminent release have been dashed by an appeal by a branch of the Indian Security Services which is anxious to reinstate charges previously dropped by the Indian Supreme Court. The Mission to Seafarers, which it is fair to say, has been hugely active in providing support for the prisoners, has shown its dismay at the latest disappointment. The campaign for the release of the six UK ex-servicemen has been re-ignited.

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