Development & Regulation of PMSCs

Defence cuts could see increase in use of PMSCs

The Development and Regulation of Private Maritime Security

By Simon O. Williams, LLM

Before countries possessed the capacity to create and maintain ocean-going navies, privateers dominated the business of protecting maritime commerce from the risks of piracy, sabotage, and other threats. As key maritime countries developed their navies, they phased out privateering in order to ensure a monopoly over armed conflict and, therefore, state power.

The last century continued this trend, bringing with it two parallel maritime developments: legal and technological. At the same time as the codification of the law of the sea and law of armed conflict progressed, technological developments swept across commercial marine and naval sectors. In tandem, these developments changed the face of maritime and specifically of maritime security affairs forever.

The new developments included the introduction of modern warships, advanced mining systems, submarines and, most importantly, naval aviation. Simultaneously, advances in law led to increased regulation of ocean spaces, both for merchant and military activities.

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