Guardian opens Singapore offices

New offices to focus on regional issues. 

Guardian Global Resources opens Singapore offices

Guardian Global Resources is to further expand its global presence by opening an office in Singapore, an HQ which will be the base for all South East Asia business.

Alexander Leslie will be leading operations as Managing Director, South East Asia. Leslie has considerable military experience with 23 years of service, having trained at RMA Sandhurst and conducted operational tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Leslie has also spent time in SE Asia at the University of Malaya (International and Strategic Studies) and the Malaysian Staff College.

Alexander has spent the last two years as Managing Director of a start-up security company in Nigeria and wider West Africa. When asked about his new role with Guardian, Leslie stated that:

‘The plans that Guardian Global Resources have for SE Asia are quite fantastic.  A very broad and well developed vision, both in terms of expeditionary approach into new markets and sustained delivery for ongoing operations. To be at the helm is not only an immense privilege, but terrifically exciting.’

The port of Singapore is one of the busiest in the world and a major hub for imports and exports. Half of the world’s annual supply of crude oil transits through Singaporean waters and the port houses the third largest petrochemical refiner in the world. Consequently, large numbers of high value oil and gas cargos travel through the port every day, with a vessel entering the strait every four minutes. The narrow choke point upon entering the Singapore Strait has become a playground for a new breed of pirate.

Assailants, particularly those operating near the Singapore Strait, have changed their modus operandi. Rather than conducting quick robberies, criminal elements in the area have ramped up their hijacking efforts, with assailants targeting tankers laden with oil-related products, which are then seized and sold on the black market. Regional criminal networks are growing more sophisticated, and are led by extremely powerful leaders. As a consequence it has become imperative for the commercial shipping sector to rely on established and adaptable security providers.

Guardian Global Resources has been providing Maritime Security services in both the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea for a number of years. With its suite of accreditations and impressive track record, Guardian has become the trusted advisor for many companies transiting goods through these hostile waters.

With the establishment of its new base in Singapore, Guardian will be able to aid its clients even more effectively on a global scale.

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