Hostages survive it all

Asphalt Venture hostages are gradually integrating back into society. 

Hostages survives it all

DC | S.N.V. Sudhir

Visakhapatnam: Bhimsen Singh, 45, who was held by Somalia pirates for four long years and just returned home in Vizag, is now attending computer classes and revising his electrical engineering books which he once felt he never would need them in life. Reason, being cut off from the outside world with no communication available he lost considerable amount of memory and now struggling to get back to living.

“I have lost four valuable years of my life. I lost everything including some part of my memory. There were days where we stopped talking to each other since we had nothing to share. We got to see the same seven persons including me who were held hostage for four years and nobody else around,” Bhimsen Singh told this correspondent.

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