Iran continues military drills

Iran’s military drills continue in south

The largest war-games by Iran’s army at the southern coast of the country. A new series of weapons that according to Iran’s army are completely indigenous were unveiled on the fifth day of the Muhammad Rasulullah military exercise. Noor and Nasr were two Iranian cruise missiles that were launched from bases on land towards targets in the international waters of the Oman Sea. Iran’s army says that the maneuver carries a message of peace and friendship for neighboring countries. But at the same time reminds the enemies of the Islamic republic of the army’s power of deterrence in the Sea of Oman and the strait of Hormoz.

Following the operations Iran’s SH3D helicopters successfully intercepted and hit enemy targets at sea by launching homemade torpedoes towards mock enemy submarines. An integrated aeronautical anti aircraft radar system also became operational. Radar units conducted air force jets towards enemy targets. Elsewhere the gulf of Aden far from Iranian waters, Iran’s navy vessels launched an anti piracy operation.

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