Bulgarians detained in Libya

Crew arrested on arrival at Tripoli.

2 Bulgarians detained in Libya

Maltese tanker with a 5-member crew, including 2 Bulgarian citizens, was detained in Tripoli, Libya on January 2, the press centre of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry announced.

The ship, which is under a Moldovan flag, faced an emergency situation in the Mediterranean Sea and after sending a distress signal it was towed by an Italian merchant ship to Port of Tripoli. The crew was detained. Court proceedings were initiated against it and the prosecution charged it with a customs crime – smuggling of oil products. The Bulgarian citizens are in a prison close to Port of Tripoli.

A signal was filed to the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Bulgaria on January 3 over the case by relatives of the detained Bulgarians. Immediately after that, the Bulgarian embassy in Tripoli, temporarily functioning in Tunisia, sent a note to the embassy of the State of Libya in Tunisia, requesting cooperation so that the case is clarified and the Bulgarian citizens are released. The Foreign Ministry keeps regularly in touch with the embassy of the State of Libya in the capital Sofia as regards the matter.

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