IGAD complete marsec strategy

Draft strategy and action plan completed.

DRAFT IGAD Integrated Maritime Safety and Security Strategy (2030)


The final DRAFT of the IGAD Integrated Maritime Safety and Security Strategy (2030) [IMSSS] and an associated Action Plan has been completed.

The Director of the ISSP Cmdr. Abebe stated that the strategy underlined the dedication of the ISSP Maritime Pillar team to assist IGAD member states to respond to maritime threats and incident.

Mr Daoud Alwin, Head of the Maritime Pillar stated that the draft strategy is comprehensive and concise and sets out the maritime aspirations for the region over the next 15 years.  The IMSS strategy dovetails with the AU AIM strategy and has eight overarching objectives, encompassing both maritime safety and security concerns; it focuses on Governance, Transport, Security, Law Enforcement, Fisheries, Search and Rescue, Training, and Economic development.  The DRAFT will help coordinate maritime safety and security from a regional perspective helping to reduce duplication and to optimise spend.  Mr Alwan noted that ‘the next step is the validation procedure, the draft will be sent out as a consultation document for member states to comment, and a meeting to discuss and validate is likely to be held end of March 2015.  The DRAFT IMSS strategy sends out a clear signal to the International community that IGAD  is moving to ensure that the Maritime Sector is free from threat and crime and that in the future maritime transport will be able to safely and securely navigate past and through IGAD member state waters.

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