S. Korea sends anti-piracy troops to Gulf of Aden

Vessel protection teams head to Gulf.

S. Korea sends anti-piracy troops to Gulf of Aden

South Korea dispatched the 18th batch of troops to the Gulf of Aden on Monday to continue its commitment to the international effort to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia, the Navy said.

The 4,400-ton destroyer, Wanggeon, departed the southern port city of Busan earlier in the day carrying a 300-strong contingent of the Cheonghae Unit for an anti-piracy mission, according to the Navy.

The service personnel, composed of special forces including Underwater Demolition Team, Navy SEAL team, Marines and Navy pilots, plan to carry out the mission for about six months starting in March of protecting vessels off the Somali coast and in nearby waters. They are participating in the global maritime security operations and diverse military diplomacy activities, it added.

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Source: koreaherald.com

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