MEPs chide India on Italian marines case

Indian procedure in fishermen case ‘little bit too long’.

MEPs chide India on Italian marines case

A European parliament delegation on Monday criticised India’s judicial system in the case of two Italian marines accused of murdering Indian fishermen more than three years ago, saying it is “a little bit too long”. Geoffrey Van Orden, president of the European parliament Delegation for relations with Italy said during a visit to New Delhi that Brussels respects India’s judicial system and the affair of the two marines “ought not to be an obstacle to bilateral “Indian European” relations but “it seems to us that the trial to which the Italian Navy fusiliers are subjected is a little bit too long”.

“Obviously we give importance in any circumstances to the conditions of our citizens in difficulty abroad,” he added, and “the case of the Italian military is one of those”. The delegation was made up of MEPs from Britain, Netherlands, Slovacchia, Slovenia and Germany.

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