PN commits to maritime security

Pakistan now heading Combined Task Force 151.

PN vows commitment to regional maritime security

From the command of Combined Task Force (CTF-151) and Pakistan Navy’s resolve to work in tandem with maritime community to deploying destroyer frigates, Pakistan stands ready to make its contribution in efforts aimed at uprooting piracy from the region.

In pursuance of its commitment, Pakistan Navy (PN) joined Task Force 151 in 2009 to combat piracy. Currently, it is commanding CTF-151 for the 6th time, which is a testimony of PN’s commitment, said Commodore Muhammad Shafique, the Mission Commander of the Pakistan Navy Task Group comprising a submarine and two ships currently harboured at Doha Port.

Speaking to the guests at a dinner reception hosted on-board one of the ships, PNS Madadgar, for dignitaries from the Qatari Emiri Navy (QEN) besides diplomats and members of Pakistani community, the commander of the visiting PN task group told the audience that the multinational naval forces are organised in the form of Task Forces (TF-150) and Pakistan Navy has commanded TF-150 for seven times which is a singular honour for any regional navy.

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