Illegal fishing threatens piracy resurgence

Concerns pirates could reform “coast guard”. 

Piracy falls in Somalia but illegal fishing threatens resurgence

Once a global phenomenon raking in millions of dollars in ransom, piracy off the coast of Somalia has significantly gone down and almost unheard of in the recent years.

A combined effort by international naval forces in the Horn of Africa and Gulf of Aden Indian Ocean waters coupled with local campaigns in Somalia has dealt a disastrous blow to the once thriving industry.

Despite this progress, illegal fishing along the Somali waters is threatening the comeback of pirates who had initially taken to the activity to fend off illegal foreigners whom the government says had illegally encroached Somali territory.

Ahmed Mohamed Iman, General Director of Ministry for Fisheries in Somalia, said piracy is now at its lowest ebb, but the increase in illegal fishing is threatening to reverse this trend.

“We have enjoyed relative peace for about three years with little or no reports of piracy. However, illegal fishing is at its peak now. We fear that pirates might come back in the guise of defending Somali marine territory,” Iman told Xinhua in Mogadishu.

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