Modernizing the Chinese Navy

West should pay more heed to expansion.

Modernizing the Chinese Navy’s Surface Fleet

We’re not paying enough attention to the rapid modernization of the Chinese Navy’s surface fleet, says Shahryar Pasandideh. With 54 new surface combatants commissioned since 2004 and approximately 15 others soon to come on line, the lesson is obvious – ignoring this breakneck production schedule is both unreasonable and unwise.

By Shahryar Pasandideh for Atlantic Council of Canada (ACC)

This article was originally published by the Atlantic Council of Canada on 15 May 2015.

China’s growing naval power has become a frequent topic of discussion in recent years as Beijing has increasingly asserted itself in the maritime realm. There is significant coverage of procurement related to China’s aircraft carriers, submarines and anti-ship ballistic missiles. In contrast, relatively little attention is paid to the rapid modernization of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) surface fleet. This relative dearth of coverage is unfortunate as it results in the overlooking of a key facet of China’s remarkable naval modernization.

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