PMSC wins right to protect French ships

Prorisk International given green light to protect French merchant ships.

PMSC wins right to protect French ships

During the commission of the 12th of June 2015 presided by the SGMER, both companies PRORISK INTERNATIONAL SARL and PRORISK INTERNATIONAL LTD, subsidiaries of the holding GROUPE PRORISK, have been certified by the CNAPS as private company for the protection of French flag vessels. The executive managers of these entities were invited to participate in 2013-2014 to a working group for drafting the French law on private protection of vessels promulgated on the 1st of July 2014.

On top of that, the first professional qualification cards were delivered during this commission to agents (PCASP) trained at the initiative of PRORISK INTERNATIONAL, which enables to reply to the first solicitations of French ship-owners.

In March 2015, KARGUS SEA INTERCONNECTION (KSI), other subsidiary of the group, received the certification from the French Ministry of Transports to deliver the regulatory trainings for the executives and agents (PCASP) employed by private companies involved in the protection of French flag vessels.

These certifications highlight the will and strengthen the capacity of the SAS GROUPE PRORISK to fully integrate piracy issues within its activities aiming at “the mastering and the safeguard of maritime areas”.

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