Security strategy for a disputed sea

US does not take sides in the South China Sea disputes.

Security strategy for a disputed sea


THE United States announced its new Asia Pacific Maritime Security Strategy on Aug 21 outlining its position on the region’s security affairs. While the US pledged to continue diplomacy and multilateralism in engaging countries in the Asia Pacific, the new strategy focuses on safeguarding the freedom of the seas, and dissuading conflict and coercion.

In this regard, although the US does not take sides in the South China Sea disputes, she has vested interests in ensuring the claims are resolved peacefully as she seeks a strong military presence and to increase her capability in the Asia Pacific. As suggested by Admiral Scott Swift, the Commander of the US Pacific Fleet, during a talk in Kuala Lumpur recently, presence and partnerships are essential building blocks and the US navy places high importance on strengthening cooperation with its counterparts in the region, signalling a stronger US military activity.

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