Dryad issues Med advisory

Dryad Maritime issues advisory on region.

Mediterranean Special Advisory

Press Release

Today, Tuesday 17th November, Dryad Maritime release their Mediterranean Special Advisory, an in depth report, looking at the complex threats currently facing commercial shipping in the Mediterranean Sea. It has been written with the purpose of providing a better understanding of this important area of sea, which currently faces political instability, mass migration and the threat of maritime terrorism.

An excerpt from the report advisory chapter focusing on Mediterranean migration reads;

“The current refugee and migrant crisis seen in the Mediterranean stands as one of the greatest instances of mass migration since the end of the Second World War. With no end to the conflicts and economic causes to this crisis in sight, the already notable impact upon commercial shipping can only be expected to increase . . .”

The Dryad Maritime Mediterranean Special Advisory focuses on migration as well as other particularly important areas that affect the region. From the impact upon shipping of the continuing flow of migration across the Mediterranean, to the threat to maritime security and safety from geo-political tensions and terrorism, this advisory provides seafarers with the necessary information and advice to continue their maritime activities safely.

Ian Millen, Chief Operating Officer, Dryad Maritime;

“On reading this special advisory, provided free of charge to our readers, it will be seen that, whilst complex, chaotic and sometimes dangerous, the overall situation in the Mediterranean is not as apocalyptic as some reports would have people believe.  Careful consideration of all available information is a key step in assessing and mitigating risk and, by sharing the thoughts of Dryad’s analysts, we hope that this special advisory will make a contribution to reader’s overall understanding and to the process of risk management, keeping seafarers safe and trade flowing.”

For more information or to request a free copy of the Advisory, please contact us at enquiries@dryadmaritime.com or visit www.dryadmaritime.com.

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