Key Threats to Maritime Supply Chains

Sebastian Villyn, Maritime Security Analyst at Control Risks, explains the importance of understanding the wide range of threats in the maritime environment and their potential impact on international supply chains.

Global Maritime Risks: Key Threats to Maritime Supply Chains in 2016

Sebastian Villyn, Maritime Security Analyst will be speaking at Transport Security Expo:

Global Maritime Risks: Key Threats to Maritime Supply Chains in 2016
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Q: Can you tell me a bit about yourself & your company?

A: I am a maritime security analyst at Control Risks.  We are an independent global risk consultancy specialising in helping organisations manage political, integrity and security risks in complex and hostile environments. We support clients by providing strategic consultancy, expert analysis and in-depth investigations, handling sensitive political issues and providing practical on-the-ground protection and support. I joined the company in 2013 after completing a Masters at King’s College University where I wrote my thesis on counter-piracy in the Indian Ocean while doing an internship at the International Maritime Organisation: that was my entry into the industry.  Before I joined Control Risks, I spent a year with the Norwegian Coast Guard. I also lived for a year in Japan, six months of which I spent in Tokyo working at the Norwegian Embassy.

Q: Is Control Risks a global company?

A: Yes, we have 36 offices across the globe and have assisted clients in all parts of the world, so we are a truly international organisation. Our company headquarters are in London.  This year, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary, emphasising the company’s experience in assisting organisations in an ever-changing world, and looking back at the last four decades of changes in the global political and security environment.

Q: At Transport Security Expo, you are going to be giving a talk entitled ‘Global Maritime Risks: Key Threats to Maritime Supply Chains in 2016’. How did you come to be speaking at Transport Security Expo?

A: We’ve attended Transport Security Expo for the last three years, and have provided updates specifically looking at global maritime security and supply chain risks, reviewing the previous year and looking to the year ahead. This year, we are providing a more detailed and in-depth presentation as well as participating in a panel debate on cyber security and the maritime industry.
Q: Can you give us an insight into what you will be covering?

A: While most people associate maritime security with just “piracy”, our presentation examines the wider range of threats in this environment. We will look at maritime supply chains and discuss some of the key threats, and how they might impact maritime operators. This includes day-to-day security issues offshore and in ports, and the importance of understanding the operating environment of the vessels and crew. Over 20 minutes, I will be looking at security issues ranging from low-level civil unrest to larger scale militancy and conflict in areas such as Nigeria, Libya and Yemen. It is so important for companies to understand the political landscape of the environment they are working in and the triggers that can suddenly disrupt their operations, or place their personnel and assets at risk.

Q: Is there a particular type of audience you are hoping to attract to your presentation?

A: We are hoping to see a very broad range of people attending. You don’t have to be a ship owner to be affected by maritime security issues and my presentation is relevant to anyone involved in monitoring the safe transportation of cargo, whether that cargo contains passengers, consumer goods, technical components or raw materials.

Q: What key messages would you like your audience to take home after the presentation?

A: I think the main point would be that companies that rely on global supply chains can be impacted by maritime security threats in a variety of ways, however, these are quite often misunderstood. Depending on the location, or the type of cargo, these threats can vary dramatically and escalate or change throughout the voyage so it is incredibly important for companies to understand where these vulnerabilities are, and ensure that the security information they receive is timely and reliable.

Q: Why have you chosen to speak at Transport Security Expo?

A: Transport Security Expo is an excellent collaborative forum, as it brings together the full range of transport and security industries. It enables us to meet and link up with other exhibitors; discuss different areas of expertise; and even explore ways in which we can help one another. It is also a genuinely international conference – there are very few that have the global reach that Transport Security Expo does.

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