Pirates killed, hijacked vessel freed

Overnight reports suggest crew may have killed pirates.

Pirates killed, hijacked vessel freed

Confusing reports emerged from Somalia late on Sunday November 29th which suggest that the Iranian dhow hijacked by pirates on November 22nd has been released following a gun fight at Hararhere, Mudug region.

Although there has been no official confirmation, local media in Somalia state that fighting took place between the 15 man Iranian crew and their captors. Reports vary, but suggest anything from four to seven pirates may have been killed in the ensuing gunfight, with one article stating another five pirates were missing.

Other media reports speculate whether there had been military involvement in the rescue. The Iranian vessel, the Muhammidi, has now left the Somali coast.

“We heard heavy exchange of gunfire… Several of the pirates were killed and a boat they hijacked was freed,” said Muktar Yakub, a fisherman in the Harardhere area, adding the boat had now disappeared from sight of the coast, reported Somali media.

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