EUNAVFOR supports fisheries work

Move to enhance livelihoods of local fishermen.

Operation Atalanta Completes Support to Successful UN FAO Initiative Off the Coast of Somalia

On Tuesday 01 December 2015, Operation Atalanta flagship, ITS Carabiniere successfully completed escort duties for the UN FAO initiative to deploy Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) along the Somali coast.

The mission to deploy 25 FADs to improve alternative livelihoods and nutritional standards for Somalia, started on 12 November 2015 off the coast of Mogadishu and took three weeks to transit the 3300km of coastline to Bosasso.

During the deployment, the UN FAO ship MV Kestrel was escorted by HNLMS Groningen and ITS Carabiniere to protect the ship and its crew from any potential pirate attack.

Operation Atalanta Force Commander Rear Admiral Barbieri stated; “The successful participation of such an important operation gives us the opportunity to clearly demonstrate once again EU NAVFOR’s commitment to help Somalia become a more stable and secure nation. We’ve highlighted the ways the United Nations and European Union are working with the Somali authorities to enhance their maritime capabilities and develop maritime resources to generate sustainable livelihoods for local communities”.

Upon completion of supporting the UN FAO initiative, ITS Carabiniere returned to her counter-piracy patrols off the coast of Somalia.


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