Nigeria’s Delta danger

The Delta is in danger of further violence.

Nigeria: A violent Delta Force again

By Rosie Collyer in Port Harcourt

Early 2016 has been marked by an uptick in violent clashes and attacks on oil pipelines. With the end of the amnesty in view, President Buhari faces stark choices in the Niger Delta.

When environment minister Amina Mohammed announced on 5 March that President Muhammadu Buhari would shortly visit Ogoniland, the heartland of the Niger Delta militancy, there was a sharp intake of breath. The Buhari government intends the visit to make a political point and counter accusations that it wants to cut funding to the region.

In December, the federal government is due to end the Niger Delta amnesty programme, with its payments and skills-training programmes for militants. Amnesty payments have brought some peace to the region over the past six years, but political temperatures are heating up amidst a fresh spate of attacks.

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