Yemen port attacked

UAE media reports jihadist attack launched from boats.

Growing risk to southern commercial ports and coalition vessels in Yemen’s territorial waters from boat-borne jihadist attacks

By Meda Al Rowas

Yemeni forces defended against boat-borne attacks by unidentified jihadists, who targeted the commercial port inside Mukalla city on 2 August 2016, according to UAE media, as several improvised explosive device- (IED)-laden boats reportedly exploded after exchanges of fire with coastguard vessels patrolling the port.

Abu Dhabi-based news channel, Sky News Arabia, citing military sources, reported that small fishing vessels, which approached Mukalla’s commercial port in the southeast of the city, originated from Abyan province. The Abyan coastal province is one of AQAP’s long-standing rural strongholds in Yemen, and the group’s political wing, Ansar al-Sharia, temporarily declared an Islamic Emirate based in the provincial capital Zinjibar, and in Ja’ar between March 2011 and May 2012.

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