France, Cameroon naval drills

France engaged in training and assistance to Gulf navies.

Cameroon and France’s navies jointly prepare “Nemo” naval exercise

On September 10, the “Dipikar”, a patrol boat of the Cameroonian navy, carried out an exercise with the deep-sea French patrol boat, the “Commandant Bouan”.

According to France’s Ambassy in Cameroon, “during the exercise, after entering in contact with the Douala sea operations command, an intervention team of the Dipikar came to support the Bouan’s crew which was carrying a fire simulation on board with many injured casualties”. The drill was part of the Naval Exercise for Maritime Operation, the Nemo 17.6. The exercise will end in the days to come in Dakar with a symposium on maritime security which will regroup high officials from participating navies.

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