Heightened Assessed Risk and Security Measures Implemented in Strait of Hormuz

May 20: Following the recent attacks at Fujairah anchorage:

(1) Shipowners and ship managers are increasing their security measures while in the Strait of Hormuz. For example, (1a) Japanese shipping major Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) has decided to stop sending tankers for refuelling, maintenance or crew swaps in Fujairah, (1b) Anglo-Eastern, has given its crew extra security guidelines when heading to the area, and (1c) Fleet Management increased its security measures in the area, to include keeping the main engine on very short notice, alert watch keeping on bridge with close radar and VHF watch, placing additional lighting around the vessel, and deploying a continuous deck patrol/lookout by a roving team. (Splash247)

(2) Lloyd’s of London insurance market on Friday widened its list of areas in and around the Gulf posing “enhanced risk for marine insurers” after attacks on ships off the UAE.Lloyd’s said that the Gulf, part of the Gulf of Oman, Oman and the United Arab Emirates had been added to the list. Saudi Arabia’s risk areas were meanwhile expanded to include its coasts. The head of the underwriters for Lloyd’s stated that, “in the light of further information received, the JWC has today issued this advisory notice to the market, amending the listed areas which detail areas of perceived enhanced risk for marine insurers and reflecting the enhanced regional risk.” (AFP via France24)

(3) The UAE has stated it is “committed to de-escalation” after a spike in tensions in the Gulf but warned it would retaliate hard against Yemen rebel attacks on civilian facilities in the region. (Jordan Times)

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