Shipping Companies Warned As South Africa Bans Stowaway Landings

August 29: With immediate effect, no stowaway will be permitted to be landed in South Africa. The change in policy means that any person declared as a stowaway in a South African port will have to sail with the vessel and be removed either on route or at the next convenient port of call.

No warning was provided in advance of this change in policy, and formal written confirmation is still awaited from the Immigration Authorities. P & I Associates (Pty) Ltd reccomend that in order to be protected while in South African ports, Members:

… MUST not allow any person to board their vessel if that person is not in possession of a TNPA (Transnet National Port’s Authority) port permit. Private security should be arranged to check permits at the bottom of the gangway to prevent stowaways running past the security desk, and two guards should be stationed on the quayside on the fore and aft mooring ropes.”

Source: Britannia P&I

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