Cocaine Seized From Grimaldi Ro-Ro in Dakar, Senegal Again

Source: Le Quotidien

January 28: 120kg of cocaine were seized from Grimaldi’s ro-ro GRANDE NIGERIA (IMO #9246580) on Tuesday while the vessel was berthed in Dakar, Senegal.  

The narcotics were found in four bags (containing 30 plates of 1kg of cocaine each) concealed in compartments of the vessel’s ventilation system.

Senegalese Customs reportedly received a tip, which resulted in the seizure.

According to a statement by Senegalese Customs, “New to the packaging, the brands and identifiers on the newly seized wafers are different from those on the wafers that were the subject of different seizures in 2019. The crew members are being questioned and the investigation follows its course in connection with the Prosecutor’s office”.

On June 28 2019, 798 kg of cocaine were discovered aboard the GRANDE NIGERIA, that time hidden inside new cars that the ro-ro was transporting.

Source: Le Quotidien

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