Port Strikes Expected To Continue This Week

February 03: According to uncorroborated local social media, the following port strikes are organized for this week, as part of the ongoing protests in France:

  • Dunkirk: Lockmen striking Feb 06 06:00 through Feb 07 08:00
  • Le Havre/Antifer/Gonfreville-l’Orcher: Dockers striking Feb 6 for 24hrs; no locks
  • Rouen/Port-Jérome: No strikes
  • Saint-Malo: Crane drivers striking Feb 06
  • Brest: Stevedores striking Feb 06
  • Lorient: Tugs on strike since Jan 29
  • Donges/Montoir/St Nazaire/Nantes: Stevedores striking Feb 06 for 24h. No loading/discharging operations performed during this period for bulk cargoes
  • La Pallice: Expected docker’s strike Feb 06
  • Bordeaux: No strikes
  • Fos/Lavera: No strikes
  • Sete – Port la Nouvelle: No strikes

Source: Twitter / @ElenaNeroba

NOTE that this information is based on uncorroborated information. The aforementioned schedule is variable to change and other strikes during this time period are possible in France.

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