West Africa

  • Tanker Released

    West African pirates have released the tanker ‘Cape Bird’ seized last week off the coast of Nigeria. The 20-member Eastern European crew was reported to be unharmed after five days […]

  • African Disease

    While Somalia remains the focus, it seems an entire continent is becoming a hotbed of “pirate” style attack and grab raids. Kidnap for ransom is becoming an Africa curse, with […]

  • Tanker Details

    More details have emerged to confirm the IMB report on the latest attack off Nigeria. Twenty Eastern European sailors were captured when the oil tanker “MT Cape Bird”, was hijacked […]

  • Benin Again

    Pirates rob chemical tanker off the coast of Benin amid mounting piracy threats in West Africa. The International Maritime Bureau says armed pirates have raided a chemical tanker off the […]

  • Bad Neighbours

    Nigerian pirate gangs are moving into the waters of neighbouring countries and attacking vessels further offshore after being driven from their coastal haunts by a military crackdown. The shift to […]

  • Crew Safe

    According to reports to emerge from the Philippine government, the 23 crew held onboard a Spanish tanker hijacked off West Africa are safe. Reports indicate that at least 14 seafarers […]

  • Tanker Taken

    The problem of piracy off West Africa has blown dramatically back into the headlines once again this week. In the latest attacks heavily armed pirates seized a chemical tanker as […]

  • UN Concern

    The UN Security Council said in a press statement it remains concerned about the problem of widespread piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. Members of the Security Council expressed concern […]

  • Severe Underreporting

    Pirate attacks off the coast of West Africa are increasingly sharply, however Security and shipping analysts say the number of attacks is severely underreported. They believe that left unchecked, the emerging […]

  • Reaction Time

    Last week the Joint War Committee added Benin to a list of areas it considered high risk for merchant vessels and prone to war, strikes, terrorism and related perils. The Committee groups […]

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