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  • Pirates of the Bay of Bengal

    Incidents generally not reported by agencies. Pirates of the Bay of Bengal By Sanjay Pandey Hem Nagar, India – A gloomy sky pregnant with rain clouds hung heavy over the […]

  • Shipping braced for migrant cost

    International conventions require vessels to help distressed migrant boats. Shipping industry braces for costs from migrant crisis By SARA SJOLIN The shipping industry faces a hit to profits from the […]

  • Sovereign Global in Crew Rescue

    Successful rescue effort brings crew home. Sovereign Global UK’s vessel Aladin rescues the crew of the Focomar from Samha Island in the Socotra archipelago, Horn of Africa On Saturday 22nd […]

  • MPHRP in Bangladesh

    Discussing seafarer welfare at governmental level. MPHRP in Bangladesh MPHRP South Asia Regional Director takes up the rehabilitation of piracy affected seafarers with the government of Bangladesh. Chirag Bahri, MPHRP […]

  • MPHRP announces new head

    In future, MPHRP’s humanitarian assistance will widen its scope. MPHRP announces new head under ISWAN Girija Shettar Tom Holmer, former head of the International Transport Workers’ Federation’s Seafarers’ Trust, has […]

  • Vietnam’s marine cops quiz suspects

    Eight suspects speak Indonesian. Vietnam’s marine cops quizzing suspected hijackers HANOI: Vietnam’s marine police are questioning eight foreigners suspected of being the escaped pirates who commandeered a Malaysian-flagged tanker in […]

  • UK to continue Med migrant rescues

    HMS Bulwark due to end task in July. UK to continue Med migrant rescues despite planned HMS Bulwark exit The Royal Navy flagship, which has saved more than 2,900 migrants, […]

  • MSF Bolsters Rescue Operations in the Med

    One MSF vessel has already rescued 1,242 people. MSF Bolsters Rescue Operations in the Med A third search, rescue and medical care boat, with teams from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) […]

  • Australia paying migrants to turn back?

    “Incredibly creative” approaches to stopping migrants: PM Australia PM Abbott dodges migrant boat payment allegations Prime Minister Tony Abbott has refused to deny reports that an Australian navy ship paid […]

  • Piracy fears trigger illness

    Even indirect exposure can cause health issues. Piracy fears trigger illness and hurt recruitment Girija Shettar Seafarers are suffering health problems and turning down work because of fears of piracy […]