Sailing and Leisure

  • On Trial

    Five suspected Somali pirates went on trial in a Dutch court on Tuesday for seizing a South African yacht and face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty. […]

  • Small Vessel Security

    Boat owners in the UAE will be fined if they do not install electronic trackers used to help coastguards locate them in an emergency. Owners of fishing boats, sailing boats […]

  • Yachties Safe

    The two South Africans held hostage by pirates in Somalia since October are presumed to be alive and “okay”. The couple are understood to be held in a village in […]

  • Hostages Alive

    A Danish reporter has met the Danish family being held hostage by Somali pirates and they seem to be well. The reporter is said to have been allowed to visit […]

  • Negotiating Concerns

    Sources close to the elders of the gang holding the Danish hostages from the sailing yacht “SY ING” have reported that the present negotiations between a Danish delegation in Bosasso […]

  • Shifted Offshore

    Pirates have reportedly moved the captive Danish family onto a ship off the Somali coast and have threatened to kill them if further attempts are made to free them. The […]

  • Attempt to Rescue Danish Family Repelled by Pirates

    According to the Associated Press an attempt on Thursday to free the Danish family held by a pirate gang failed. Actions were taken by the armed forces of the semiautonomous […]

  • Changing View

    U.S. Assistant Secretary of African Affairs Johnnie Carson has stated that those who use the seas have a role to play in preventing pirate attacks. “Is it responsible for yachters […]

  • Tensions Escalate

    With the arrival of a warship off the Somali coast near the location where seven Danish hostages are being held, tensions in the area have begun to rise. One Somali official warned […]

  • Eritrea Warning

    The US State Department has warned of increasing maritime security Threats in Eritrea Authorities have release an updated “Eritrea Travel Warning” – this is to warn U.S. citizens to avoid travel to the […]

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