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  • UAVs to Start Patrolling Some Ports for Environmental Infringements

    May 20: Regulators are bracing for rules that are meant to lower shipping’s emissions of sulfur oxides, pollutants blamed for acid rain and aggravating human health conditions like asthma. Because […]

  • Autonomous Boat Completes Cargo Run in Europe

    May 10: An autonomous boat has completed a cargo run from the UK to Belgium. The Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) SEA-KIT Maxlimer was the first commercial autonomous ship to cross […]

  • US Warns of Potential Data Leaks from Chinese-Made UAVs

    May 21: The US government has issued an alert warning that Chinese-made unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones), could pose a cyber-espionage risk to American businesses and other organisations that […]

  • Russia Signs Internet Isolation Bill

    May 01:As reported by Russia’s TASS news agency on Wednesday, “Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the law on providing stable operation of the Russian Internet (Runet) in case it is disconnected from the […]

  • Nigeria Deploys Satellite Tech to Track Oil Smugglers

    April 30: From algorithms to track “dark” ships smuggling stolen crude oil to an online licensing system to undercut corruption, one Nigerian government agency hopes it can use new technology […]

  • Hundreds Of Dockworkers Protest Against Driverless Trucks At Port Of LA

    April 16: Hundreds of union dockworkers with the Port of Los Angeles turned out for a protest Tuesday morning against the use of automated trucks at one of its terminals. […]

  • Royal Navy Ships Practise Minehunting Amid ‘Present’ Threat In Gulf

    April 17: Sailors from the Royal Navy have been practising their minehunting capabilities along with their American and French counterparts off the coast of Bahrain. Exercise Artemis Trident has been taking […]

  • China Advances Amphibious USV Development

    April 08: Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group, a Wuhan-based subsidiary of the state-owned China Shipbuilding Industry Company (CSIC), has delivered the first pre-production hull for the Marine Lizard amphibious combat unmanned […]

  • Eyes in the sky

    HawkEye 360’s toaster oven-size vehicles will scan the globe for telltale radio signals, revealing a secret world of dark ships. These New Satellites Will Hunt Pirates, and Maybe Terrorists By Kyle […]

  • Maritime braces for next cyber breach

    Security experts warn that a much more damaging incident than the AP Moller-Maersk NotPetya attack could be just around the corner Maritime braces for the next cyber breach by Michael Juliano […]

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