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  • Mozambique orders interceptors

    New craft to bolster security efforts. Mozambique orders additional HSI32 interceptors Mozambique has ordered three more HSI32 interceptor boats from French company CMN, joining the three Ocean Eagle 43 trimarans, […]

  • Somali invites oil exploration

    Despite security concerns and price slump, oil is still a big draw.  Somalia invites energy companies to explore for oil The price of oil may have fallen off a cliff […]

  • Terror warnings for Yemen, Djibouti

    Threat of maritime terrorism prompts warnings. Warnings of Terrorist Attacks May Shake Djibouti and Yemen Yemen’s Interior Ministry has ordered increased security along the country’s coastline in response to information […]

  • 90 Killed as Al-Shabab Takes Island

    Islamist group takes control of island. 90 Killed as Al-Shabab Takes Somali Island Witnesses in southern Somalia say more than 90 people were killed in weekend fighting that saw militant […]

  • Islamic State and piracy

    Suggestions that IS is looking to piracy are rebuffed. Is Islamic State Group Getting Into the Piracy Business? DUBAI — An expert is downplaying concerns raised last week by the United […]

  • UN okays ship inspections off Somalia

    Move could also theoretically impact PMSC floating armouries.  UN authorises ship inspections near Somalia The United Nations Security Council authorised the inspection of boats suspected of carrying illegal shipments of […]

  • Crew of Kenyan ship released

    al Shabaab releases crew from MV Jamila. Crew members of stranded Kenyan ship released after a week in custody Posted by: Mursal Mogadishu (Harar24) – Crew members of a stranded Kenyan […]

  • Al-Shabaab take over stranded ship

    Kenyan ship runs into difficulties and is boarded, locals say. Al-Shabaab take over stranded Kenyan ship and crew members Mogadishu (Harar24) – A Kenyan-owned ship which dropped off goods at […]

  • EU Denounces Djibouti attack

    The EU has condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist attack that targeted a Cafeteria in Djibouti  EU Denounces Djibouti Cafeteria attack The EU has condemned in the strongest terms […]

  • Why the Pirates Are(n’t) at Bay

    Even as the Somalian pirate movie Captain Phillips receives rave reviews, airwaves that had been rife with Somali pirate stories are now strangely silent. Why the Pirates Are(n’t) at Bay By Andrew Ma […]